Finding the perfect present for anyone, no matter how well you know them, can be a huge task. Having that gift be a complimenting balance of great, creative, sentimental and useful is another challenge entirely. Once you add “homemade” into the mix, it can most definitely be the cause for a lot of stress and anxiety.
The solution? Keepsake, personalized items created from some of your best memories. How? With the Vidigami Shop.
At Vidigami, we make it easy to turn your priceless photos into long lasting works of art. With a wide selection of gift ideas such as canvas prints, t-shirts and mugs, “homemade” gifts can be achieved with a few clicks.
Simply select your gift, choose your best and most memorable photo(s) you wish to use and checkout. Mailed straight to your door, for the hassle-free shopper, this is the perfect solution for all your upcoming events.
Here are 5 memorable gift ideas for 5 special occasions:

  1. Mother’s Day: for the woman always on the go, help her keep organized with this personalized tote bag.
  2. Father’s Day: a customized mouse pad for the workaholic.
  3. Birthday: with favourite photos on this sturdy and durable iPhone case, the most cherished memories will always be close at hand.
  4. Graduation: celebrate lasting memories with a canvas print of the graduating class together on the momentous day.
  5. Teacher: they work incredibly hard; show your teacher a little gratitude at the end of the year with a personalized latte mug.

Get creative with the Vidigami shop at and start creating your own personalized, perfect present today!