Christmas is just around the corner, we’re all out and about shopping for gifts, decorating and getting ready for a brand new year. With hundreds of great pictures collected by students, their families, and school staff combined, the possibilities are endless when we start thinking of how to creatively transform digital content into long-lasting mementos. Here are just a couple of ways you can make all the great content stored in Vidigami more personal.

1. Crafting with prints

There’s nothing quite like a classic photo print of an unforgettable school moment. Framed and frosted – from mini portraits to full-size posters – these make an excellent gift for Grandma to cherish, or even just a new memory on the mantelpiece. But with a little extra time, trying something new is always exciting. Framing prints is quick and easy, there are also limitless hands-on ways to turn them into cute, quirky, and personal pieces, serving as a fun and creative DIY project for the whole family or classroom. Just use Vidigami’s organization system to find the photos you need, print them out, and let your imagination run wild.
Photo cut-out bookmarks are perfect stocking stuffers.

2. Photobooks

There’s something especially nostalgic and comforting about a photobook. If a picture is worth a thousand words, photobooks tell us an even bigger story. They open up a window into a student’s life, like field trips, sports tournaments, and ceremonies. A perfect tabletop memento for the whole family to add to the collection and a personal gift for all occasions.

3. From Photo Frames to Personalized Keepsakes

If we can brand merchandise with graphics, why not photos too? With so many options in custom printing available today, we can now easily bring memories to life and make them last even longer with a range of photo products. Here are some other unique gifts and keepsakes you can substitute for framed photos every once in a while:

4. Celebrating the School’s Legacy

Another invaluable use of photo products is leveraging advancement, community engagement, and preserving school legacy. What better way to brand the school than creating featured products showcasing some of the best photos that define it? There are countless opportunities to create custom products for the many different divisions that build the school’s culture. Some great areas are athletics, arts, and school-wide events.
In just a few simple drags, drops, and clicks, you can add that extra personal touch to products we all know and love straight from Vidigami Shop Beta. Over the last few months, We’ve been working hard on fine-tuning the shopping experience with more customization, ease of navigation, and a wide selection of product templates to choose from.

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