Managing Art with Vidigami

Team Vidigami | September 18, 2018
The beauty of digital media is that you can take anything in print, canvas, or on stage and turn into something that can be shared. Students today are thriving in the digital world, and there’s no better way to showcase a finished 36″ x 48″ oil painting, woodshop project, or stage play than by capturing it as a photo or video. Now, it can be centralized, organized, and curated for personal portfolios, highlights, and so many other creative platforms.
Here’s a few ways Vidigami can help students, teachers, and marketing teams organize media from fine arts classes and projects:

1 – Create Relevant Art Groups

What are all the different art programs offered at your school? Whether it’s music, drama, photography, graphic design, or studio, make a list of those groups and build them out in Vidigami under the Art category (pink). This is done via your Group Directory page.

Remember to add the right people to each group! Parents are also automatically added to groups by virtue of their connection with a student.

2 – Create and Link Albums

With your groups ready, you and the members of those groups with the permissions can now add albums to their clubs or classes based on the activites, events, exams, and projects that take place throughout the school year.

Because albums are added based on their relevant groups, content is always kept organized and relevant to the people within them!

You can also move an album to a different group, or link albums to more than one group at a time. What this means, is that an album can live in 2 or more albums without being duplicated. For example, an album for Battle of the Bands may live under Music because it is organized by the music group, but you may also want to link it to the Performances group under the Events category, now making it accessible to not only the Music group members, but the Performances group members too!  

3 – Building Slideshows for Marketing/Communications

Every so often, the marketing and communications teams may want to grab some of the best works from students to showcase via the school’s channels, like social media, the website, and more. Simply skim through the albums within the Art Groups, select the favorites, and add them to a group set under your Internal marketing/communications group in Vidigami.
Make the set public, hit share, and voilà! You can now turn those top picks into a dynamic, multi-purpose slideshow!

4 – “Created by” tag

Work needs to be credited! How else will students collect and document their achievements for further studies and beyond?
In Vidigami, open up any photo or video representing a project or work of art and add in the creator, performer or author’s name in the Created By (More Info option). The same way a face is tagged or person is included via “With”, this action will immediately collect the media under that individual’s Work tab in their Vidigami profile page (see next step). Teachers and staff can also search for a student and see all their associated works and media.

5 – Build beautiful student portfolios

With artwork tagged by ‘Creator’, Vidigami will automatically capture student work under a Work tab in the user’s personal portfolio (see below). This can be viewed by both students and their parents, to whom content is pushed automatically through family relationships. This is great for sharing work with parents or reviewing their children’s performance throughout the year.
Students can download media from their Work tab to create more formal portfolios and attach to college applications. Upper school students can even be added to their relevant art class groups as set or portfolio managers (a custom role based on the default Manager role), so they can independently curate their best works from albums and share out their own public slideshows (see step 3) to web portfolios, blogs and more!

There are many more creative ways to centralize, organize, and showcase art, like getting students and teachers involved, and embedding slideshows to portfolio web pages. If you are currently using the system to host artwork and more, be sure to get in touch with your CSS (Client Success Specialist) to get more tips and tricks. To learn more about the Vidigami app, book a quick demo with us to learn about all the different ways you can use media to engage your community!